Should You Seek Assistance from a Divorce Attorney Medford Oregon When Fighting for Child Custody?


Up and till the time the parent who provides the necessary care or the parent having custody over the child receive ongoing support from their spouse who has been offering financial assistance, things go smoothly. But once the incoming funds have been stopped or reduced beyond a reasonable figure, it will prove to be a harrowing time for the child and custodial parent. This is when you may contemplate hiring divorce attorneys in Medford Oregon.

To recover child support entails an intricate process that carries on for months or years. The parent who has custody over the child may feel helpless and harassed. They can always file a petition on their own to initiate the recovering process. However, through hiring reputed divorce attorneys who specialize in divorce issues, the legal process can be so much quicker and allow them to achieve a higher success rate.

Attorney firms like the Medford Law Center will first try to establish the difficulties faced by the parent who has custody before they file the case. The divorces attorney will then be in a more powerful position to know what actions they need to file in the court. The reasons for not providing financial assistance can be due to; worsening finances or protest over the visitation rights.

If the parent who is responsible for the financial aid feels the amount is unfairly calculated, then it becomes their responsibility to file a proper claim with none other but the same court that awarded child support.

Following are the procedures that need to be followed when filing a child support case in the court:

  1. A petition is submitted to ascertain the need for child’s financial support
  2. A provisional proposal for help

The summons

The amount fixed by the court could run into several thousand dollars and collect the amount becomes a tough task if the parent that is liable to make monetary compensation refuses to do so.

Chances of getting a favorable judgment are higher when filed through a professional and experienced family law attorney. The attorney is well versed with court procedures and is hence proactive. In an event where the parent goes missing as a tactic to evade the law, the attorney will help the suffering parent find about the absent and errant parent through vehicle records or by making use of a parent locator service.

In such cases hiring an experienced divorce attorney not only saves times but also saves money. In the absence of an attorney, the petitioner may end up hiring a private detective to locate a missing parent thereby adding to costs. Family law attorneys, on the other hand, are experienced and are aware of other means to find an errant parent evading the law. Not paying for a child’s support is a crime and if dialogues fail to sort the issue between contesting parents, a family law attorney can help the caregiver parent in claiming the child support legally.

How to Choose the Best Divorce Attorney

It is a real challenge finding the right attorney. Many attorneys in Medford Oregon would be more than happy to represent you. However, there are those who do not make it their business to keep up to date with the law. On top of it, they do not care how much they charge.

Regardless of how straightforward your case is, it will move a lot faster if you enlisted the services of a competent attorney.

Do not do the rounds by asking your family or friends for the most cutthroat litigation-happy attorney who deals with divorce. Nor should you employ attorneys who badmouth their colleagues and tells you a cockeye story that you can get whatever you want out of your spouse, and they will pay the costs of the divorce, including yours.

Instead, look for divorce attorneys who are out to represent your best interests, whether it means fighting it out in court or ensuring you get a fair settlement. When you ask your friends or family whom they liked, also ask why.

Lastly, be on the lookout for an attorney firm in Medford Oregon who will treat you and your spouse with respect while considering the welfare of your kids.