Engage in Payette River Rafting in the Scenic Idaho

Have you ever experienced Payette River rafting on the Upper South Fork? You simply have to try it out, made possible by outfitter like www.orangetorpedo.com – River Rafting Trips. What a radical rafting trip won’t it be! You can expect to start right out having fun on class III and IV rapids.

Part way into the trip you will most likely stop at hot springs down the canyon next to the river. You may very well find it funny to observe others stand in the hot springs to warm up their feet.

Not too long before lunch, you are bound to come across the thunderous Big Falls, which is a class V plus waterfall dropping 40 feet below. It is big, it is roaring, and it thunders down over the big rocks until you get to the bottom.  You cannot miss it as you are sure to notice a Big Orange, Black Sign that states “Big Falls Portage Here.”

rapid rafting

Once you reach this point, you would have to take the rafts out and carry them around the falls. You may even hear stories of how others fell out of the raft when they went over the falls. Do not fret though as it is mostly Kayakers who attempt this feat. Commercial rafting companies do not do this. They would rather walk around with the rest of the group.

Thankfully, you will get right back into the river after the Big Falls, and shortly after that have lunch. This is in itself a gourmet like an experience that gets served by your friendly guides so you can simply relax and refuel during midday.

Boy, what a good lunch it will be, making you feel good to stop and have a break. After lunch, you will plunge back in the Payette again to experience more white water. You get to slip over Little Falls, and of course, the famous Trash Can, before rowing into the eddy and back into the rapids.

But, be prepared for an unusual experience when rowing into the rapids as your raft may be sucked down on the front end or you may even feel the raft lift up slightly towards the back end. At times. Some are thrown out of the raft. If you fall out, you will be awarded a Payette River Swim Club button. It sure is a lot of fun to participate in such adventures.

The first time you get to paddle into Trash Can and you experience your raft getting sucked under; you must be prepared for the unexpected. If it so happens that you get thrown out of your raft, just push yourself out from under the raft an ensure you get away from it, then wait on the rest of the group to pull you back into the raft.

You may feel the need to get completely away from the raft only to find yourself getting slammed back against it. As you try and figure out what the heck is happening at that moment, you are sure to let go of a sigh of relief once you realize it is just your river guide who got a hold of your life jacket, trying to pull you into the raft again. All you need to do at this point is to relax and let him pull you right in.

Practice makes perfect. Once you tried this exercise a couple of times, no one will fall out, even though they would all be pretty wet.

Once you had all this fun at the Trash Can, you can head right down the River to Jumping Rock, which is about 15 feet high or so. You get to climb this rock on the backside before you jump into this deep hole that is quite huge. Be sure to video your group as they all get a chance to jump.

During this phase of your river rafting Payette trip, it is pretty much over. Soon after the rafts will be loaded back on the trailer and everyone will get on the bus to be taken back to the starting point by the guys at Orange Torpedo Trips where you left your vehicle.

If you are ever afforded the opportunity to engage in a River rafting experience of this nature, we encourage you to grab it with both hands; It is well worth it.